„Sacrifices“ is a Labyrinth installation exploring the final moments in the lives of five Saints. Past & present are revealed in this site-specific experience through photography, video, dance, sound scape and performance.

The piece draws inspiration from an ensemble of women who have chosen their own paths in life, regardless of consequences.

NOTE: This is a highly interactive piece, expect to be physically involved.

Performed in the site specific : FAUST studios

Produced by : LAVU & APPUYER

Conceived by: LAVU ( Vanessa Gendron (CA) & Lucie Neperena (CZ))

Directed by : Vanessa Gendron (CA)

Sound arrangements & music : Bethany Lacktorin (US)

Costume design : Tamar Ginati (IL)

Lights : LAVU

Choreography :  Dagmar Spain (DE/CZ) & Carli Jefferson (UK)

Video : Tihana Valent (HR)

Documentary & Video : Masa Hilcisin (BA) & Cazim Dervisevic (BA)

Photography : LAVU 

Ensemble of Artists: Vanessa Gendron (CA), Helene Genet ( FR), Carli Jefferson (UK), Ashe Kazanjian (US), Lucie Neperena(CZ), Anezka Novak, Dagmar Spain (DE/CZ), Tihana Valent (HR)